Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starting out..

This will be a journal of my travels to pick up my "new" bike and ride the west coast before turning east to wind my way home.

I'm a member of VROC and will meet many of them in Deadwood for WWR5 http://www.wolfmanswanderingrally.com/

This is my 1500A and how I packed her on the way to Sturgis once. Camping in luxury with tent, cot, and chair.
She is crippled now and needs a rebuilt top end. So I bought a "new" bike to ride while I learn how to fix her.

This is the "new" bike, waiting for me at Viper's in Carson, Wa. Soooo sparkly! 1999 Nomad.


  1. your going to love this bike, I cant wait for you to see it in person. I wish I could be there to see your face when you see it for the first time.