Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 1

DIA - 5:30am
Leaving my car with my youngest

Airlines are airlines, but I like that Frontier has animals on their tails. DIA terminal in background.

Viper met me at the Portland airport. Thanks, buddy!

Took the Goddess out for a get aquainted ride, through the rain, to fill up with high octane and get enough oil for a change. Pretty scary after a year of no riding, but just what I needed to get my head ready for the road.
Started to pack the three boxes I had shipped. Tools, helmets, leather and other riding gear. Viper shaking his head saying I should ship half of it back. :-)

Gormet pizza at Walking Man Brewery

                                            Owner and Brewmaster
                                           One of the bathroom doors, the other one says "readers".
                                           Which one are you?

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